Irish Haiku Society

Thomas Powell, Co. Armagh

rising moon

a thrush's sudden silence

plunges dusk




communal bath

in the blocked guttering

a row of sparrows


(First published in Shamrock No 15, 2010)




moonlit kitchen -

the stillness between

a tap's slow drips




cold winter workshop

his breath disappearing

into the day ahead


(First published in Blithe Spirit Vol. 20 No. 1, March 2010)




spring birdsong...

the silent fall

of late snow




broken sunshine

reaching for hazel nuts

where I grew up




buried last autumn...

the open crocuses

she planted


(First published in Blithe Spirit Vol. 20 No. 2, June 2010)


© Thomas Powell, 2010

Isabelle Prondzynski, b. Co. Westmeath

cold fog -

the balcony moss

all the greener

grey day again

blue grape hyacinth

grows grey too




dust on dust

where trees will later grow

Ash Wednesday




fog in the city

now I cannot see

those I do not know




Cemetery Sunday –

families reunite

around their graves




cloud passes

sunshine advances

along the path




summer evening balm,

sleeping through rain in the night –

first chestnuts falling




family grave –

since this Sunday last year

Dad has joined Mum




howling gales –

the kitchen door opened





Christmas tree

among sweets and tinsel

a spider's web




sunday –

tea and a read

in silence

One of the winning haiku in the "Tea and Haiku" Competition, France, 2007


© Isabelle Prondzynski, 2006, 2007

Maureen Purcell, Co. Louth



singing for a mate

soon to die

(First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 7, 2008)

sitting by the fire

light reflecting

wisened hands


(First published in The Quilt, an anthology of writing in Louth)




raindrops falling

on parched earth -

reading "Great Expectations"

©  Maureen Purcell, 2006, 2008


Alan Reid, b. Belfast

calm evening

the midsummer's lake

watched by a heron


© Alan Reid, 2007

Mark Roper, Co. Kilkenny


at my front door

nothing between me

and the full moon

(First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 7, 2008)

Miraculous wound,

the roses that still flower

where a house once was




The beat of my heart

going, in the silence,

its own way




A squashed crow’s wing

lifts and waves

in the wake of a passing car


(First published in Whereabouts, Abbey Press/Peterloo, 2005)

©  Mark Roper, 2005


Gráinne Roche, Co. Louth


red umbrellas

inside out in the wind

poppies gathering rain


First published in The Quilt, an anthology of writing in Louth

© Gráinne Roche, 2006


Suzanne Ryan, Dublin

weaving through branches

to the ground,


© Suzanne Ryan, 2007