Irish Haiku Society

Andrew Michael O'Brien, Co. Mayo

named after

an Egyptian pharaoh,

this playful cat

(First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 6, 2008)

chilly morning –

a scarecrow leaning

towards the greenhouse


in the regal flowerbed

taking a nap

(First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 7, 2008)

leaves falling

old man

tunes his mandolin

© Andrew Michael O'Brien, 2008, 2010

Terry O'Connor, b. Co. Offaly


cherry blossoms -

one more go

on the old swing

(1st Prize in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival International Haiku Competition 2009, Canada)

granddad's garden


the rosebush blossoms

midnight stroll

a gust of leaves

throws shadows

(first published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 7, 2008)

yellow petals

the butterfly


© Terry O'Connor, 2007


Vincent O'Connor, Cork


rippling air

the cocooned butterfly

hears sky





between leaves

blue rain


(The Puffin Review No 1)




moon viewing alone

in my spare tea bowl

a spare moon




another full moon

our doctors advise

stop trying


(Asahi Haikuist)




through the window

paper lanterns –

lifting my dad into bed


(Acorn, Fall 2013)


© Vincent O'Connor, 2013, 2014


Hugh O'Donnell, Dublin

New Year's Day

sunlight and honey

in a jar

her hands

working with flour –

the cloudless sky

(First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal no 7, 2008)

August evening –

sun spread thinly

in the fields

September starlight –

the fruit almost

within reach

early morning chill –


on tip toe

October deli –

tossed leaf salad,

no dressing

crawling in traffic...

the road

my father loved to walk

© Hugh O'Donnell, 2007, 2008

Mary O'Donnell, Co. Kildare

in a fountain

downhill to the Casino,

playful ducks

(first published in Shamrock No 4, December 2007)

© Mary O'Donnell, 2007

Siofra O'Donovan, Co. Wicklow


Picking blackberries

I catch the pale sun

in my silver bowl


(A prize-winning haiku at the Samhain International Haiku Competition 2005)




Geese flying south –

over the mountain creek

moon in a blue sky




In the temple hall,

monks’ footsteps:

all I hear




A young monk cycles

to philosophy class

his robes catch in the spoke




An oak leans over

the river passing –

an acorn drops, unheard




Moon in the sky

over the thick forest

cry of a pipal bird


© Siofra O'Donovan, 2005, 2006


Nora O'Dwyer, Co. Kerry

red fox

his gaze

through the glass

windy boreen

cock pheasant puffed out

in search of his destiny


First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 30, 2015

© Nora O'Dwyer, 2015

Mary O'Keeffe, Co. Cork

November sunset

a galaxy of crows

quench the twilight

(1st prize in the IHS International Haiku Competition 2009)

rambling roses

holly berries ripen in

a pink-petalled womb

© Mary O'Keeffe, 2009

Nessa O'Mahony, Dublin

a man reading the sign

he has seen every day

for a lifetime

© Nessa O'Mahony, 2007

Conor O'Neill, b. Co. Dublin

strolling past a graveyard

in late summer –

how sweet the air


First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 19, 2011

© Conor O'Neill, 2011

Kate O’Shea, Dublin


low summer sky –

in the gooseberry bush

cats' eyes




candles fade –

beyond the window

flowers and people




Easter parade –

friend from the Ukraine

wears a black beret




the cleaning woman

pours tea down a drain –

going back to work




white-headed crow,

hearing you for the first time –

birds unconcerned


© Kate O’Shea, 2006, 2007


Catherine O'Sullivan, Co. Kildare

a shivering

blade of grass...

the breath of moonlight

First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal, No 11, 2009

© Catherine O'Sullivan, 2009