Irish Haiku Society

Aine MacAodha, Co. Tyrone

a headgehog
looking my way
lost in grief

out of nowhere
a bee
hungry for summer

(first published in the World Haiku Review, Vol. 6, Issue 3, May 2008)

Omagh from above
a butterfly in full bloom
spreading her wings



scars on the hillsides
gorse no longer wave
careless youth

spiders' patterns
on conifers...
wearing a fine shawl

cracks in the pavement
ants pulling
a fly
© Aine MacAodha, 2007, 2008

James McAuley, Co. Dublin

A swarm of midges

affords the pool its weather

swallows attack

© James McAuley, 2007

Sinéad McDevitt, Co. Meath

gravel after rain

patches of pink and yellow


(first published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 10, 2009)

avenue of tree trunks -

joining branches

narrow the pathway

© Sinéad McDevitt, 2009

Clare McDonnell, Co. Donegal

Down the spider’s thread

that ties my door,

a spark of shine




Writing messages –

willows dip fingers into

the languid liver




Dandelion suns

turned moons –

the wind halves and quarters them




Oak leaf

in a still puddle,

autumn’s first footprint





where an orchestra of bees

tunes up for summer




still lake

red deer

drinking sky




bandaged in ivy,

last winter's

broken tree



© Clare McDonnell, 2006


Beth McFarland, Co. Tyrone / Germany

summer storm –

between the maize fields

a strip of heat


First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 19

© Beth McFarland, 2011

Paul McGranaghan, Co. Derry

two herons hunting

in shallow water at dusk

one strikes, one ripples

frosted hills blazing

with brilliant winter light

I can hardly look

budding on the tips

of leafless branches,

raindrops full of light

© Paul McGranaghan, 2007

Walter Daniel McGuire, Dublin

autumn breeze

spider's web

convex... concave


(Highly commended at the IHS International Haiku Competition 2008)

© Walter Daniel McGuire, 2008

Michael Massey, Co. Kilkenny

scattered sheep

in an early morning field -

boulders in the mist


talking it out


with my absent wife

(First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 10, 2009)

© Michael Massey, 2009

Tom Moloney, Co. Kerry

morning frost

robin searches for

the first bite


First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 19

© Tom Moloney, 2011

Maire Morrisey-Cummins, Co. Wicklow

yellow rose

nods in the breeze

my father’s smile


pale sun

black cats snuggle

merging into one


gathering leaves

a surprise gift of

lavender scent

© Maire Morrisey-Cummins, 2010