Irish Haiku Society

Carol Hannon, Co. Louth

blue petunias

faces turned

toward the moon

First published in The Quilt, an anthology of writing in Louth

© Carol Hannon, 2007


Joe Healy, Cork

July storm

the hanging basket petunias


© Joe Healy, 2012


Nick Hoffman, Cork

hunter's moon

she picks a name for

the bathroom spider


(Modern Haiku, 48:2)


© Nick Hoffman, 2017

Patrick Hopkins, Co. Kildare

a bubble

blinks to existence

blinks out again

First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal, No 11, 2009

© Patrick Hopkins, 2009

Peter Kay, Co. Dublin

hold on, little ant!

a nettle leaf

breezes out to sea


© Peter Kay, 2007

Susan Kelly, Co. Mayo

parched fields

a purple peak stabbing

the clouded sky

plummeting in a spiral flap

of flightless wings,

new-born chicks

(First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 6, 2008)

© Susan Kelly, 2008

Akagi Kobayashi, Co. Wicklow

sycamore leaves

in the wind

white wings catching the light


© Akagi Kobayashi, 2011

Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Co. Dublin

sheep unmoved

in the green grass...

a slow passing of clouds

(the winning haiku in the Suruga Baika International Haiku Competition, Japan, 2008)

aspen in the rain

each leaf dripping

with the sound of autumn

(the winning haiku in the "Haiku Magazine" International Haiku Competition, Romania - Japan, 2009)

searchlight at the border

two halves of the

autumn sky

(runner-up in the Mainichi Daily News International Haiku Contest, Japan, 2009)


exposed by the moonlight...

callas blooming

(honorable mention in the Mainichi Daily News International Haiku Contest, Japan, 2008)

war museum

two gas masks

staring at each other

(Best Senryu, Shamrock Readers' Choice Award, 2009)

calm evening

the voices of

birches and aspens

burning sunshine –

splashes of orange lichen

on the dam

frosty evening –

inside the church, stillness

and melting wax

floating moon...

but the stars have no home

in the water

(First published: World Haiku Review, Vol. 6, Issue 3, May 2008)

the doors creak softly:

sleepwalking in my house,


(First published: The SHOp, 2005)




summer night –

blossoming in the pond,

water-lilies and stars

(a Highly Commended haiku at the Samhain International Haiku Competition, 2005

First published: "Morning at Mount Ring" by Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Doghouse Books, 2007)




leaflet about

behaviour on the streets –

the wind feels it all over

(First published: Presence, 2005)



autumn wind…

I yearn for the place

from where it blows


after Minamoto Masakane (1079 – 1143)


(First published: Presence, 2006)




an aspen

outside the Deutsche Bank

counting its leaves




exploring a length of breath autumn wind




bamboo stems –

their memories

of the sun

(three haiku first published in Roadrunner, February 2007)




river mist

barges transport coal

in both directions



autumn dusk

a cat rubs its shadow

against fishermen's legs



no mushrooms today –

bringing home in my bucket

rainwater and stars



sunset in the park –

a man playing giant chess

against his shadow



icy beach

a child treads upon

broken bits of seashells


(five haiku first published in Haiku Scotland No 12, February 2007)




between snowfalls:

the moon through

cherry blossom petals


(Honourable Mention haiku at Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2007

First published: "Morning at Mount Ring" by Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Doghouse Books, 2007)




a Bertie Ahern poster

in the waves

sinking... not sinking...


(the last piece also available on the Ginko page)

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Jessie Lendennie, Co. Clare

Late August stillness

long I gaze at the pear tree

one hand on the gate


(first prize at the Modern Haiku competition)


© Jessie Lendennie, 2007

Sean Lysaght, Co. Mayo

Main Street

the bright water dances

in a wheelbarrow

concrete hardened

with the print of a cat

who prowled here once, like me

(both haiku first published in Shamrock No 4, December 2007)

© Sean Lysaght, 2007