Irish Haiku Society

Stephen Farren, b. Co. Derry

the fragrant orange

continuing to tarry

upon washed fingers




playing on water

almost touchable





east wind –

smoke wrinkles

blue sky


© Stephen Farren, 2007


Diarmuid Fitzgerald, Co. Dublin

wooden sea-shell

with an ear-hole –

whistling wind


(First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal, No 19)

© Diarmuid Fitzgerald, 2011

Anton Floyd, Co. Cork


in the sheaths of ice,

blades of grass


(IHS International Haiku Competition 2014 winner)

© Anton Floyd, 2014

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Co. Kildare

midnight river -

flamingos drink

the stars


and tawny lands -

a crow soars above

(first published in Shamrock No 112009)

© Ryan Fitzpatrick, 2009

William Gibb Forsyth, Co. Wicklow

storm clouds –

seaweed sways

as the seal passes

First published in Shamrock Haiku Journal No 5 (2008)

© William Gibb Forsyth, 2008

Mark Granier, Dublin


Our plane’s shadow on

bright cloud – that other season

travelling with us




Only one figure

moves on the dark mountain, a

twist of rain-bright road


© Mark Granier, 2006


Anna Grogan, Dublin


a touch of velvet

December sky

hanging low




Christmas Eve

blue lights on the trees

outline darkness




June rain

knifing through grass and clothes –

lightning stabs the sky




chirp a high note –

asking, answering


© Anna Grogan, 2006


Trish Groves, Dublin

of the billion stars

this one

the dawn-bringer




professor's e-mail...

a man with such a large


© Trish Groves, 2007

Mary Gunn, Dublin

trees in their

winter nakedness

revealing birds' old nests

© Mary Gunn, 2012