Irish Haiku Society

Natalie Arkins, Co. Clare

frosty tips of grass

crows' tails

lifted to the sky

(First published in Shamrock No 10, 2009)

© Natalie Arkins, 2009

Tony Bailie, Co. Down

rain on the window

an unfurling snail plucked

from its thrush-cracked shell

(First published in Shamrock No 10, 2009)

© Tony Bailie, 2009

Amanda Bell, Dublin


the midnight path

sparkles with frost –

fox crossing


(First published in Shamrock No 30, 2015)

© Amanda Bell, 2015


Jim Burke, Limerick



gathering the mid-day sun

on its wet feathers

© Jim Burke, 2012


John Oliver Byrne, Co. Wicklow


blackthorn tree –

down the old bog road,

old man with walking stick




walking westward

down the road

my shadow leading


© John Oliver Byrne, 2011


Andrew Caldicott, Wexford


eyeing the moon

from the pipal tree,

a magpie




empty gin bottle

reflecting the flight

of geese


(First published in Shamrock No 10, 2009)

© Andrew Caldicott, 2009


Patrick Chapman, Dublin


Debutante flowers,

red and white skirts hitched up,

waiting for a bee




Turbains d’Aladdin

promise treasure when you rub –

all that you can eat




Summer flowers die –

distilled into a droplet,





Raindrop on a wing –

a plant, denied full measure,

blossoms anyway


(First published: The Select Six website, 2007)


cherry blossom fire

kissing the garden

to sleep

(first published in Shamrock No 10, 2009)

© Patrick Chapman, 2006, 2007


Marion Clarke, Co. Down


mid-morning shadow –

last dewdrop

rolls off leaf




midge haze –

a dragonfly skip jives

with its reflection




low tide at noon

in the dry rock pool

a limpet ticks




beach reading

tiny rainbows dance

on her eyelashes



(First published in Shamrock No 18, 2011)

© Marion Clarke, 2011


Bridie Conway, Co. Louth

September sun
warming the garden –
bees hum


First published in The Quilt, an anthology of writing in Louth

© Bridie Conway, 2007


Sean Costigan, b. Co. KIldare

beads of hail

peppering bonnets

gather round

(First published in Shamrock No 10, 2009)

© Sean Costigan, 2009

Louise Couper, Co. Westmeath

dead hen in the yard –

hawthorn berries

glow red

© Louise Couper, 2007

Marie Coveney, Cork

crows on a bare branch –



First published in Shamrock No 23, 2012

© Marie Coveney, 2012

Kara Craig, Dublin

rushes rise in clumps

from swampy ground –

a swarm of flies



clematis climbs over

the ancient wall –

a tower of pink petals



fronds lay over

tanned railway sleeper –

gardener waters weeds



balmy late-evening

restless child

holds a white bear



snow-capped mountain

in all its splendour –

hillwalker stumbles



wind picks up –

pink petals

under the wipers



birch’s waxy buds –

a magpie collects

a dried twig

© Kara Craig, 2012

Jerm Curtin, b. Co. Cork

snow flickering

through darkness...

a holy candle

(First published in Shamrock No 11, 2009)

© Jerm Curtin, 2009

Noel Duffy, Dublin

autumn day

the toaster humming

to nothing




honey and darkness stored

for the long winter

(both haiku first published in Shamrock No 16, 2010)

© Noel Duffy, 2010