Irish Haiku Society

Matsuo Basho (17 c.)



On a barren branch

a raven has perched –

autumn dusk




Old pond…

a frog leaps in

water’s sound


Yosa Buson (18 c.)


Fuji alone

remains unburied:

the young leaves!




Wild mustard flowers –

in the east, the moon

in the west, the sun




crossing the summer river,

sandals in my hand…



Kobayashi Issa (18-19 c.)


Pearls of dew!

In every single one of them

I see my home




Fool of a cat!

Broken beggar as he is –

he shouts his joy!

Slowly, so slowly

climbing up Mount Fuji,

a snail

This world of dew

is only a world of dew...

and yet, and yet...

Masaoka Shiki (19 c.)


White butterfly

darting among pinks –

whose spirit?

Men are disgusting –

they argue over

the price of orchids!


Santoka Taneda (early 20 c.)


The pines careen

the way the rough waves


My exhausted heart...

the mountains, the sea

too beautiful